Missed calls... Never Again!

Whether you are Starting up a new business, need cover when you are busy or in a meeting, divert your calls to your Zoom Assistants and rest assured that your clients will be looked after no matter how busy you are!

Your calls are diverted automatically when you're engaged on another call or unable to get to the phone so you'll never miss a call or a client.

Personal Service
We smile when we answer. You can hear the difference. We answer as though we were in your office working for you, helping callers with enquiries, checking your diary as well as taking their details accurately and checking spellings. We give a truly personal service.

High Speed
Our high speed Internet link enables us to access information on your website or on-line diary and book appointments. We can also give directions to your office, and take orders and payment details whilst on line.

Diverting to us effectively gives you a multi-line telephone system. So several calls can be handled simultaneously and callers NEVER get a busy signal.

Call Screening
One of the great things about this service is that with us screening your calls, you no longer need to deal with telemarketers selling to you.

Fast Message Delivery
Call information is entered directly on to a message report automatically dated and time stamped and can be immediately dispatched to you via fax, email, or as a text message to your mobile phone (even if switched off) – it's your choice which method you prefer.

Daily Reporting
We also provide you with a daily report via email or fax so you can keep track of the day's enquiries.


Want More?
Because we believe that service is everything, not just to you, but to your clients as well, our service is completely flexible. Just ask.

Call us on 0800 583 5020 and be on line in minutes or click on the links below to find out how extensively we can help you.

Click here if you need someone to manage the response from your recruitment or marketing campaign, or to act as your call centre.

Click here if you need a team of receptionists transferring calls seamlessly to your employees.

Find out about the extras that make us so valuable to you:

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