Lost Sales... Never Again!

Divert your calls to your Zoom Sales Agents and increase leads and sales.

We can help you manage marketing and recruitment campaigns, orders and technical support, ideal if you need more in depth call handling than our Telephone Answering or Virtual Reception Service.

Sales & Enquiry Line
We process orders and take credit card details utilising your websites ordering facility. We work together with you to build a process that will enable us to qualify leads and candidates for you. Your Sales Agents will record all the required information and email, text or fax it to you instantly.

1st Level Technical Support
If you need a 1st Level Technical Support Centre, we can take the caller through an information gathering stage to determine the nature of the fault or problem and then escalate it to your on call engineers.

Advertising Campaigns
Hire one of our 0800, 0845 and 0870 non-geographic numbers and brief us on the products or service that you are promoting. We will then capture information from each caller, such as: Name, company name, full postal address, which product they are interested in and where they saw the ad and email, text or fax it to you instantly.

And we can even provide a customised report of the response and activities for each service.


Want More?
Because we believe that service is everything, not just to you, but to your clients as well, our service is completely flexible. Just ask.

Call us on 0800 583 5020 and be on line in minutes
or click on the links below to find out how extensively we can help you.

Click here if you need a telephone answering service that will capture all your calls when you're busy.

Click here if you need a team of receptionists transferring calls seamlessly to your employees.

Find out about the extras that make us so valuable to you:

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