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Zoom Answer Call is genuinely dedicated to providing the highest level of Customer Service in the industry, by employing quality personnel, well trained, articulate and equipped with the latest technology.

Downsizing / outsourcing >>
To free up time and expenditure you should think about outsourcing. When you can save time, you're actually saving money.

Telephone answering >>
Your calls are diverted automatically when you're engaged on another call or unable to get to the phone so you'll never miss a call or a client.

Virtual reception >>
Whether you require an enhanced image or simply need reception overflow divert your calls to your Zoom Receptionists and have every call put through seamlessly to the right person exactly as an in-house receptionist would.

Call Centre Services >>
Divert your calls to your Zoom Sales Agents and increase leads and sales. We can help you manage marketing and recruitment campaigns, orders and technical support, ideal if you need more in depth call handling than our Telephone Answering or Virtual Reception Service.

Franchise >>
Whether you are a Franchisee requiring a professional answering service to take all your incoming enquiries or a Franchisor looking for a Uniformed, consistent image with the capability of enquiries being passed to the correct area, divert your calls to Zoom Sales Agents and never miss another sales opportunity!


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